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Camgain Microsystems


Camgian Microsystems announced the official release of a new Internet of Things solution called Egburt that will be used in the smart retail, cities and infrastructure industries. Egburt is a complete end-to-end solution that applies real-time analytics across multiple sensor feeds in the field to provide enterprises with immediate operational intelligence and control.

Utilizing a revolutionary new “edgeware” computing architecture that allows enterprises to push logic and control to the edge of the network and down to where their assets reside, Egburt lowers the total cost of ownership of IoT solutions by decreasing communication costs, increasing battery life and eliminating some of the challenges of processing big data. Egburt’s flexibility and interoperability...

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Platfora, which provides a big data analytics platform built natively on Hadoop and Spark, has introduced Platfora 4.0 with advanced visualizations, geo-analytics capabilities, and collaboration features to enable users with a range of skill levels to work iteratively with data at scale.

A recent survey from Luth Research found that 52% of analytics users trying to work with big data must break it down into smaller parts to analyze it. “We pull the raw data into an in-memory database and then provide access to business users to that data through a beautifully graphically rich data visualization environment which is HTML 5. What makes this platform different is that when your questions change the system will automatically change the questions for you,” explained Peter Schlampp, VP of Product for Platfora. This...

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IBM announced that its portfolio of analytics capabilities–including Cognos Business Intelligence, SPSS predictive analytics platforms and the newly announced Watson Analytics–will be available via IBM Cloud Marketplace. IBM Cloud Marketplace is an online destination that serves as the digital front door to cloud innovation, bringing together IBM’s capabilities-as-a-service and those of partners and third-party vendors with the security and resiliency enterprises expect. As businesses increasingly look to data as the new basis of competitive advantage, they also are looking to take advantage of cloud computing as a growth engine that will help drive faster innovation. According to Gartner Research, 25 percent of net-new business analytics deployments will be in the form of subscription to cloud analytics platforms or application services by 2016. - See more at: http://www.eweek.com/database/ibm-brings-new-big-data-analytics-tools-to-cloud-marketplace.html#sthash.mZVoA22K.dpufAccess...

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jKool, LLC  announced its new, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for analyzing Big Data in real time. JKool™ is designed to spot the patterns in data that lead to actionable insights. Often the value hidden in this data is perishable, requiring immediate action before it becomes stale. JKool’s near real-time analysis of time-series data is able to capture insight, instantly. After an initial preview period, jKool LLC. will introduce...

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