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The BIRT Company™ and the leader in personalized analytics and insights, announced new features to its Embedded Analytics solution that delivers ease of use, scalability and productivity for global enterprises that need to tap the variety, velocity and volume of big data and deliver real-time actionable information to their customers on any device.

“Embedded Business Intelligence (BI) is critical for user organizations seeking to make business intelligence pervasive and to enable and improve decision making at all levels within their organization,” said Howard Dresner, founder and chief research officer...

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PROS® , a big data software company, today announced its participation in the Professional Pricing Society (PPS) 10th

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 From airlines to healthcare, we’ve already given you examples of 5 industries using text analytics in cool and clever ways. But text analytics is an ever-expanding field with countless applications, and to prove it, we’ve got 5 more industries taking advantage of text analytics.


 At the forefront of innovative teacher training, a Seattle Pacific University professor used text analytics to predict the future abilities of his student-teachers. By running the journals the wrote documenting their teaching experiences through text analytics, he found that students who wrote the most detailed entries were inclined to become better teachers compared to those who wrote sparser entries.

 Artificial Intelligence

 Remember when IBM’s Watson won Jeopardy? The whole world went crazy, as well it should. Though limited in utility, it was extremely good at what it did: answering questions. The technology that drove...

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SAP Press Release


SAP announced three new SAP® solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), including the SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service solution, SAP Connected Logistics software and the SAP Manufacturing Execution application . The new SAP solutions for the IoT are envisioned to leverage the SAP HANA® Cloud Platform for application enablement and advanced capabilities such as in-memory computing, predictive analytics and complex event processing. As part of its continued commitment to enable innovation in this space, SAP has announced the addition of 500 incremental dedicated developers to support various IoT initiatives. The announcement was made at SAP TechEd® && d-code®, being held November 11–13 in Berlin.

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