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Verint Press Release


Verint® Systems Inc.  announced enhancements to its Real-Time Speech Analytics™ solution. The software, which leverages conversational indicators and analyzes customer calls as they unfold, enables organizations to take a proactive approach to identifying opportunities to guide interactions for the mutual benefit of both the end customer and the organization. With the ability to positively influence customer interactions as they take place, companies can increase first-contact resolution, enhance the customer experience, manage policy and regulatory compliance and heighten satisfaction and loyalty.

Contextual Guidance at the Right Time

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SAS press release


Faster validation of suspicious activities. Better, more accurate alerts. Quicker click-through to critical data. The newest release of SAS® Anti-Money Laundering goes further than ever to help analysts in financial institutions comply with anti-money laundering (AML) and counterterrorist financing regulations. The updates enable users to monitor more risks within even larger data volumes – and do so in minutes.

“A spotlight on efforts to stop the spread of terrorist activities plus increased regulatory pressure puts AML compliance as a top priority for financial institutions,” said Bill Fearnley, Research Director of Compliance, Fraud and Risk Analytics at IDC. “Deploying advanced analytics and visualization...

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With all the recent hype surrounding Niantic’s Pokémon Go, one could be forgiven for assuming that Augmented Reality (AR) is set to be the emergent technology of the next few years. This may be the case for the entertainment and gaming industries, but in terms of practical utility across multiple commercial fields, Virtual Reality (VR) still has the edge, with the VR market projected to be worth over $30 billion by 2020. Here, we explore the potential impact of VR applications on the increasingly sophisticated world of Big Data.

Big Data, Big Deal


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Press release


Tableau Software (NYSE: DATA)  announced the general availability of Tableau 10. A completely refreshed design, new analytical and mobile enhancements, options for preparing data and a host of new enterprise capabilities make this one of Tableau's most significant releases in its history.

"Tableau 10 includes new capabilities that deliver more analytical power than ever before," said Chris Stolte, Chief Development Officer and co-founder of Tableau Software. "The new design makes data the hero. Data integration helps maximize time spent on analysis. Data analytics innovations like the drag and drop clusters, help people do more advanced analysis of their data without needing to program. And enterprise advancements continue to up the standard for delivering a governed, trusted self-service environment."

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