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Cirro & BigDataVendors


For decades, data have been collected into silos, each silo based on a purpose-built and specifically structured storage system to serve a particular need. These silos exist partly for business reasons and partly for technical reasons, but they do exist everywhere. The foundational nature of most data ecosystems is silos. It has never, and probably will never be practical to truly consolidate all data into one physical storage place with one physical execution engine over it. Even if it were possible technically, business reasons prohibit this consolidation. Reasons include security, ownership, origination, compliance, etc. The bottom line is that data silos are everywhere and that they are here to stay. In fact, history teaches that the number of silos within an organization is increasing at ever-advancing rates with the introduction of new approaches to storing and handling data coupled with increased demands...

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Blue Yonder & Capgemini / CBR


Blue Yonder and Capgemini have announced the launch of a Connected Services Platform.Aiming at reducing costs and increasing efficiency, the new platfom provides a unique solution for automated information exchange between connected devices, manufacturer...

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Sabre Corporation Press Release


Sabre Corporation has launched Sabre Marketplace Analytics – its newest data analytics solution that will enable airlines worldwide to capitalize on travel demand within the Sabre Travel Network marketplace. This first-of-its-kind capability will provide airlines with information to drive incremental revenue and increased yield.

Sabre has recently launched a full suite of data-driven solutions across all of its customer segments to help customers leverage their own data to personalize and improve the traveler experience while providing growth and revenue opportunities. For SabreSonic CSS customers, these new...

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DST Health Solutions LLC Press release


DST Health Solutions LLC, a provider of technology solutions and services to health plans, integrated delivery systems, and healthcare providers, today announced the launch of DST Business Performance Optimization, an analytics tool that enables healthcare payers to improve performance across all key business functions.

Advanced well beyond any of the industry’s current technology, DST Business Performance Optimization addresses a broad range of challenges faced by the payer industry, including reduction of medical costs, identification of members at risk of attrition, and construction of the best provider network. 

“Optimization is the new frontier for healthcare payers,”...

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