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Storiant, the, the leading provider of cold storage software for data centers, announced "Cold Snap," a program that lets data center service providers offer secure cold storage services in just 90 days. Recent research found that nearly half (47%) of CIOs pay between $.21 and $.50 per gigabyte per month for on-premises storage of "cold data" -- the less frequently accessed data that makes up 85 percent of all stored information. Storiant makes it possible to offer a service-based alternative at a fraction of the cost.

"Cold storage is hot right now because companies see Amazon offering its public Glacier service for pennies per gigabyte per month," said Yaron Naor, vice president of business development at Storiant. "Data center service providers recognize the need to offer a private cloud alternative to remain competitive, and the Cold Snap program is the answer. Cold storage...

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CloudPhysics, who provides data-driven insights for smarter IT, today announced significant enhancements to its SaaS-based solution, including new Global Insights that make it possible for VMware users to continuously benchmark their virtual infrastructure against global metrics. In combination with new interactive Daily Insights, which dynamically aggregate and expose operational hazards from across the datacenter, Global Insights enable CloudPhysics users to instantly identify areas for improvement in their own environments as well as specific actions for achieving better datacenter health, performance and efficiency.

CloudPhysics is also previewing its “workload shapes” technology, an industry-first that provides VMware administrators with a visual shorthand for quickly recognizing storage performance anomalies, and deep visibility for accelerating resolution.

“Today’s announcement delivers further on CloudPhysics’ commitment to use Big...

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Truveris, a premier pharmacy benefit pricing and analytics company, today announced the launch of RxDashSM, an enterprise platform for pharmacy plan repricing, modeling and reporting. A cutting-edge Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, RxDash enables pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), health insurers, consulting companies and plan administrators to view in real time the price impact of proposed benefits and price changes.

RxDash helps better meet today’s customer expectations by cutting out the traditional multi-week lag-time for insight into the plan design, pricing and member impact of potential modifications. For PBMs, health insurers and large consulting practices, RxDash calculates in real time how proposed benefit changes increase or decrease costs, illustrates how plan changes affect employees, and helps visualize the impact of step therapy and prior authorizations on plan costs. The robust reporting platform provides ad-hoc and recurring reporting to end clients.


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Fujitsu Limited announced that QlikView, a business intelligence (BI) tool from data visualization product market leader Qlik Technologies, Inc., has been embedded into the data analysis model provided by FUJITSU Business Application Operational Data Management & Analytics, a Fujitsu solution that enables the effective use of big data. The enhanced solution is available as of today in Japan only.

QlikView offers an interface that can be operated intuitively and that requires no special ICT skills. It enables users to analyze and visualize big data through simple operations, so that people in charge of business areas such as sales or marketing can perform their own data analyses, get a better sense of how their business is doing, and make decisions more quickly.

Fujitsu will be providing training services to help companies deploy, use, and make the most of QlikView, and will also be selling QlikView as a stand-alone product. In so doing, Fujitsu will facilitate...

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