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he world’s largest retailers employ armies of statisticians and analysts to help them increase sales. Today, Square levels the playing field for merchants of all sizes by adding Square Analytics to its complete Register service. The powerful reporting and analytics tool delivers sellers actionable data to increase sales and better serve their customers. Square Analytics integrates the full suite of Square Register products including Pickup, Invoices, and Appointments, making it the most robust point of sale service.


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Planet OS recently showcased its technology at Stanford University, during the “New Technologies for Ocean Data Exploration” seminar organized by Nicole Sarto. The event included Dr. Christopher Clark’s presentation “Why We Need Planet OS: Petabytes of Bioacoustic Data in Clouds of Noise“, which we’ve shared above for those unable to attend.

Dr. Christopher Clark, a renowned expert of bioacoustics and marine mammals, and Chief Marine Scientist at Planet OS, discussed the challenges of working with spatial marine data and the importance of new tools that improve the way ocean data is discovered, managed, and analyzed. The presentation provides insight into the impact of anthropogenic noise on the marine ecosystem, as well as the challenges associated with spatio-temporal-spectral data workflows.

Within his presentation, Dr. Clark highlights various use cases, including monitoring and analyzing the migration patterns of...

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Angling in the Data Lake
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GE and Pivotal said they built the first industrial-scale “data lake” system that could supercharge how companies store, manage and glean insight from information harvested from machines connected to the Industrial Internet.

The system, which has already tracked more than 3 million flights and gathered 340 terabytes of data, can analyze data 2,000 times faster than previous methods and cut costs tenfold. It is so powerful that it crunched through a complex task that would have taken a month to compute in just 20 minutes.

“Big Data is growing so fast that it is outpacing the ability of current tools to take full advantage of it,” said Bill Ruh, vice president of GE Software. Dave Bartlett, computer scientist and chief technology officer for GE Aviation, said that industrial data lakes will help companies...

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 DataGravity announced the launch of the DataGravity Discovery Series, the first ever data-aware storage platform that tracks data access and analyzes data as it is stored to provide greater visibility, insight and value from a company’s information assets. The DataGravity Discovery Series delivers storage, protection, data governance, search and discovery powered by an enterprise-grade hardware platform and patent-pending software architecture, enabling midmarket companies to glean new insights and make better business decisions.

As more than 80 percent of the data being produced today is unstructured, companies are struggling to maintain, much less benefit from, their rapidly growing stores of human-generated data. Companies are paying a premium for storage infrastructure, layered management applications and siloed processes that only introduce greater complexities without offering real-time insights. DataGravity is addressing...

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