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Press Release


Cyber security is no longer an IT risk. With the occurrence of mounting cyber attacks such as WannaCry, organisations in Asia have come to the startling realization that:

§  Cyber threats are very near and real with the potential to cripple everyday business. Organisations need to have a preventive rather than a reactive cyber strategy

§  Cyber attacks are no longer predominately focus on the financial services sector. Organisations across sectors with legacy systems and outdated security measures are easy targets



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press release


Darktrace, the world leader in AI technology for cyber defense, has  announced the launch of Version 3 (v3) of its Enterprise Immune System.This major upgrade of Darktrace’s flagship cyber defense platform focuses on ease-of-use for new security analysts while pushing the upper limits of AI for expert analysts. CISOs will benefit from new reporting features, while the security community as a whole will benefit from sharing previously unknown threat finds through STIX and TAXII.

In addition, a new Darktrace Mobile App and enhancements to autonomous response solution Antigena for firewalls and cloud make responding to attacks anytime, anywhere faster and more precise.

Updates announced include:

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Invoca, the call intelligence company, unveiled Invoca Signal AI, adding the power and scale of machine learning to the Invoca Voice Marketing Cloud. With Signal AI, marketers can uncover previously inaccessible insights from billions of phone conversations with customers. Signal AI analyzes the entire context of the conversation for language patterns, in real time, and identifies customer intent and behavior, as well as the outcome of the call. This gives marketers the ability to analyze offline phone conversations and optimize digital marketing campaigns just as they’ve done for online conversions.

According to BIA/Kelsey, calls to businesses are expected to exceed 

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press release


Ayla Networks, a global Internet of Things (IoT) platform for manufacturers, and Culligan International, the world’s leading water treatment company, announced today that Culligan has built its first smart home product on the Ayla IoT platform. Using the new Culligan Connect™ for HE, homeowners can monitor and control their Culligan High-Efficiency (HE) water softeners remotely, from anywhere in the world—and Culligan dealers can monitor system status and provide more proactive service to homeowners.“Ayla’s extensive expertise, breadth of IoT technology and experience with leading appliance brands made us confident their IoT infrastructure could manage uptime, security, scalability and all...

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