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Alteryx Press Release


Alteryx, Inc., the leader in self-service data analytics, announced today new capabilities in its Alteryx Analytics platform that allow data analysts of all skill levels to deliver powerful predictive insights, harness big data analytic performance, and improve analytic understanding using a code-free, intuitive interface.

Alteryx broadens the scope of self-service data #analytics with new predictive and prescriptive features

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Clarivoy, a marketing technology company, announced today the development of proprietary technology used in its TV Analytics product. The attribution method, called the Graph Model, revolutionizes and elevates current TV Analytics technology.
In recent years, marketers have called for more advanced TV measurement technologies aimed at uncovering the actual impact a TV ad has on driving leads and sales. Historically, advertisers relied on Nielsen data, which basically told them how many people in any given demographic were exposed to a TV ad. However, with the advertising accountability unleashed by digital advertising, marketers clamored to know more than just exposures; they wanted to know how their ads were influencing their target audiences and ultimately leading to in-store as well as online sales. In this way, TV measurement has evolved toward what the industry terms TV attribution.
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MaritzCX Press Release


 MaritzCX, a global customer experience (CX) software and services company,  announced the availability of PredictionCX™, the first-of-its-kind solution to help businesses grow by analyzing known customer information and using it to predict customer behavior and take action to improve CX for individual customers. Businesses can use PredictionCX to take information provided by the few customers who respond to customer surveys and apply that knowledge to the silent, unreachable majority who hold the largest wallet share. For example, sales and customer teams can know specifically who is going to leave and then act to save them.

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kyvos press release


Kyvos Insights, a big data analytics company, announced general availability of the next major version of Kyvos – a massively scalable, self-service analytics solution designed to make big data lakes ready for BI analysts. Building upon its native integration and support for the Hadoop platform, the new release incorporates enterprise-grade functionality to improve analysts access to the data lake, including advanced security support, improved performance and scalability, and integration with additional BI tools.

"Once you have all your data in the big data lake, the challenge lies in how your organization derives value from the data without sacrificing the security and performance of the analysis and results," said Wayne Eckerson,...

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