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Press release


SearchBlox Software, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise search and text analytics solutions based on Apache Lucene, has announced that its award-winning search and analytics product is now available as a cloud service.

SearchBlox continually aggregates and indexes data in real-time for search and analysis, as data is added via over 60 in-built data connectors, whether from websites, file systems social media, email, cloud storage, Salesforce, or other sources. In addition, the new cloud search service allows customers to start small and scale up as and when...

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Century Link Press Release

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CenturyLink, Inc. (NYSE: CTL) announced the market introduction of CenturyLink Location-Based Analytics, a mobile engagement, analytics and marketing solution for owners and operators of spaces and places where customers congregate.

This comprehensive, fully managed solution features Wi-Fi technology and an analytics platform to gather relevant customer demographic and location data, powerful analytics capabilities to discern business insights, and social engagement and marketing tools for businesses to act upon data findings in real-time. This solution is designed to help businesses create highly personalized experiences for visitors at their physical locations using a wide variety of engagement tactics, such as individualized messages, offers, wayfinding apps and activity suggestions.

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Brocade Press release


Viavi Solutions and Brocade has announced a joint solution that enables mobile operators to capture and analyse subscriber data to quickly resolve quality of experience (QoE) issues.

An industry-first solution, Viavi’s xSIGHT Targeted Subscriber Search (TSS) leverages the Brocade Packet Broker and Brocade Session Director to filter and deliver targeted subscriber traffic so only the data required to resolve customer experience problems is forwarded to xSIGHT TSS. In addition to significantly reducing resolution time for QoE issues, the solution enables mobile operators to open up opportunities for new value-added services.

Viavi and Brocade developed this highly scalable solution to dynamically optimise the visibility of mobile networks. The joint solution is in production at a U.S. Tier-1 mobile operator to help provide better QoE to their subscribers and enable new premium services.


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Corvil press release


Corvil  announced its new flagship streaming analytics solution, the Corvil 8400, the industry's first 80Gbps streaming analytics appliance for wire data. With this new appliance, Corvil establishes an industry leading performance benchmark of 60Gbps sustained L2-L7 streaming analysis of HTTP transactions. This enables clients to attain transparency, optimization, and cyber-threat detection across the most demanding enterprise environments and web scale applications. With this level of performance in a single 2U appliance, clients can consolidate their infrastructure and services instrumentation through greater aggregation driving lower cost and complexity across data center environments. 

The new performance benchmark represents a fifty percent improvement...

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