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Press Release


Cassia Networks, the company behind the world’s first Bluetooth router, announced  a new suite of IoT products for enterprise applications. This product suite, which includes enterprise-level Bluetooth routers, an IoT access controller and a developer SDK, will solve many of the challenges of enterprise IoT adoption and development.

Until now, lack of standardization and interoperability issues across wireless technology have been a major obstacle to IoT market growth. By improving the functionality of Bluetooth so that it can work across greater distances and a wide variety of products, Cassia Networks is backing Bluetooth as the ubiquitous wireless technology. In doing so, the company is solving two of the most fundamental barriers...

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Fujitsu announced the launch of FUJITSU Manufacturing Industry Solution VisuaLine, an IoT solution that visualizes the operational status of the manufacturing process based on log data of operating results collected from a factory's equipment. Sales of this solution will commence in Japan from December 5.

This solution collects log data from the manufacturing equipment used in the production process, and visualizes the operational status for each individual product in a variety of formats, such as graphs. By comparing these graphs on a daily basis, users can at a glance see portions of the process that are taking more time than usual, enabling them to quickly discover anomalies that would not otherwise be discovered unless they caused the equipment to set off an alarm or cease operation.

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Press Release


 Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced new innovations that help organizations rapidly, securely and cost-effectively deploy Internet of Things (IoT) devices in wide area, enterprise and industrial deployments. These solutions include:

  • HPE Mobile Virtual Network Enabler
  • HPE Universal IoT Platform
  • Aruba ClearPass Universal Profiler
  • Aruba 2540 Series Switches
  • Edgeline...
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Press Release


BearCom, North America's largest provider of two-way radio wireless communications equipment and solutions, has chosen to deploy Fujitsu's GlobeRanger¹ IoT tracking solution to manage and track its extensive portfolio of rental wireless devices that are used to support many of the largest events in the country.

BearCom is deploying the Fujitsu GlobeRanger iMotion IoT platform and its GR-AWARE asset tracking system to dramatically simplify the process of managing some 25,000 rental wireless devices, the most extensive portfolio in the industry. These assets,...

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