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Press Release


 Zensar Technologies announced the launch of its big-data enabled platform for seamless end to end information management. The solution is designed to address complex business problems through rapid, contextual and empowered insights using diversified, disparate and real-time information services. As digital data becomes mainstream, this solution offers global enterprises analytics which generate insights aimed at enabling them to make informed decisions.

“We live in the times of digital data deluge and information is sourced from multiple sources. There is a need to leverage the insights this data can offer, in terms of taking strategic and time-sensitive decisions. In...

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Press Release


 OSNEXUS, the leading developer of Software Defined Storage (SDS) solutions, and Acromove Inc., a manufacturer of unique hyper-converged portable NAS and Thunderbolt RAID equipment, announced that QuantaStor SDS Data Migration Edition will be offered on the Acromove ServerPack™ mobile hardware platform.

Combining the power of QuantaStor SDS' high-performance SDS platform with Acromove ServerPack™ mobile hardware, companies can securely and cost-effectively migrate large amounts of data between public cloud hosting providers, global datacenters or on-premises sites in lieu of transferring data via the Internet or WANs.

Press Release


Cask (cask.co), the company that makes building and deploying big data solutions easy,  at Strata + Hadoop World San Jose announced the newest release of Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP). CDAP 4.1 delivers several new enhancements for enterprise big data deployments, including packaged, easy-to-deploy solutions for EDW Offload, IoT and HEDIS Healthcare Reporting. These capabilities accelerate the big data journey for enterprises by enabling them to solve real-world business problems faster, more efficiently and with less risk.

Driven heavily by customer input, these new packaged solutions are available via Cask Market for data scientists, citizen integrators, business analysts...

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IBM  announced IBM Machine Learning, the first cognitive platform for continuously creating, training and deploying a high volume of analytic models in the private cloud at the source of vast corporate data stores.  Even using the most advanced techniques, data scientists – in shortest supply among today’s IT skills1 – might spend days or weeks developing, testing and retooling even a single analytic model one step at a time.


IBM has extracted the core machine learning technology from IBM Watson and will initially make it available where much of the world’s enterprise data resides: the z System mainframe, the operational core of global organizations where billions of daily transactions are processed by banks, retailers, insurers, transportation firms and governments.


IBM Machine Learning allows data scientists to automate the creation, training and deployment of operational analytic models that will...

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