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BigData for improved Sustainability
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A new technology platform from SAP that allows organisations to analyse large quantities of data at breakneck speed is helping to improve the sustainability performance of several industries.

A key challenge for IT is the big data problem – the difficulty businesses have in keeping up with the ever-increasing speed, volume and variety of data they need to process. In response SAP developed SAP High Speed Analytics for Sustainability (HANA), which processes massive quantities of real time data by using In-Memory computing.

The company is using the technology to improve sustainability performance in a range of settings.

SAP Smart Meter Analytics will be used by a leading UK utility company to collect and analyse a huge increase in readings – from 75m meter readings a year to 120bn – that...

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Listening Platform for BCAA
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Although the company had a high customer retention rate, BCAA understand that to improve or even maintain customer retention levels they would need to proactively invest in a customer management strategy, operations and enabling technologies. With roadside assistance and insurance becoming an increasingly competitive industry, they wanted to be ahead of the game.

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Cirro and BigDataVendors




Cirro, Inc., the company that enables simplified Big Data access, exploration, and analysis across all data sources, today announced WildTangent Games has selected Cirro as an integral component of their enterprise analytic architecture.  Cirro provides WildTangent Games the “next generation” data federation software that enables their business to quickly extract unique business insight from their entire data ecosystem by facilitating the joining of heterogeneous databases and sources, without requiring a semantic layer or ETL.  Cirro can be deployed in the cloud and in the data center, and seamlessly integrates with existing analytic tools.

Fast, Actionable Analytics for Big Data

Each month WildTangent processes over 2 billion transactions, impressions and analytic events that describe how customers engage with the business. ...

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Space-Time Insight


Space-Time Insight has announced that the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) has implemented Space-Time Insight's geospatial and visual analytics software.

The software facilitates faster and more informed smart grid decisions. The system, which correlates, analyzes and visualizes data in smart grid, distribution, outage, fire and weather systems, is the primary "face" of SMUD's new Distribution Operations Center.

The situational intelligence solution was implemented as part of SMUD's Situational Awareness and Visual Intelligence (SAVI) initiative which is designed to improve the speed and quality of data analysis and decision-making throughout the organization's Grid Planning and Operations department.

SMUD is the nation's sixth-largest community-owned electric utility, serving a population of 1.4 million across 900 square miles. For some time, the company has relied on paper maps-including a 100 x 25 ft. wall map - and the experience and knowledge...

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