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Arad Group

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Arad GroupArad Group offers powerful Web-based meter data management solutions to help utilities and water companies supervise, manage and control their metering networks.

The CityMind solution, which is based on Arad’s innovative remote automatic meter reading (AMR) system Dialog 3G, provides a varied collection of reports and statistical analyses. The system offers real-time location specific alerts on breaches, leaks and suspected theft and interfaces seamlessly with automated software systems.

Arad’s solution is based on a special algorithm, written in cooperation with IBM water management professionals, to ensure the most accurate, reliable and comprehensive data mining.





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Financial Data Visualization
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Fixed income research and analytics providers are always looking at new ways of visualizing data to provide more valuable and intuitive services to their customers. Visualizing and understanding vast quantities of credit market data can be overwhelming using traditional techniques such as simple online tables, charts and document repositories. Navigating through this data to find specific reports and analytical information can also prove daunting and information delivery mechanisms tend to provide unruly volumes of data. Today, the Internet is the obvious delivery mechanism for such market data and proprietary analyses; however, to provide better value to their customers, financial service providers must deliver it through intuitive visualization and navigation.

J.P. Morgan, part of JPMorgan Chase & Co., is a leader in financial services, offering such solutions as asset management, investment banking, private banking, treasury and securities services, and commercial banking,...

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LandMark Software


HalliburtonWith the advent of the digital oilfield the industry now amasses vast amounts of data, both engineering and real-time, during each well construction project. This is used for various purposes during the construction process, but after it is over this data, in particular the real-time data, rarely if ever gets analyzed again. As a result, operators are losing a critical opportunity to uncover new insights for optimizing future drilling and completions projects.  ZetaAnalytics software was created to solve these issues by providing the oil and gas industry’s first and only big data analytical solution architected for drilling and completions.  It contains a dedicated analytical framework, including both real-time and engineering data, for historical big data storage, data analysis, and visualization.


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Government Defence db
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Service personnel need instant access to send and receive data though they are often limited by low bandwidth connections. Also required is the ability to quickly and easily replace a database server if it is damaged or destroyed, with no loss of data.

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