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Serendio and BigDataVendors

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A fast-growing Advertising Technology startup that sells Social Ad Campaign management software wanted its in-house Engineering team to focus on its core product and outsource certain areas of its non-core technology needs. The non-core portion of its technology stack required cutting edge computing skills and entailed creating a Big Data Analytics infrastructure hosted on the Amazon Cloud.
The Business Requirement was:
1. Design and implement a scalable Crawler to aggregate social data to  meet demanding latency requirements.
2.Reduce cost for designing and maintaining a highly available and  scalable Hadoop based Big Data infrastructure
3. Design a robust analytics  and predictive modeling backend to meet evolving business initiatives
4.Continue to enhance and upgrade the system to the latest stable version of the Hadoop distribution to leverage  ongoing improvement

Solutions Serendio was brought in July 2012 to provide...

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Federal Govt Big Data
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FEDMINE simplifies big data related to federal spending in real-time.
The FEDMINE.US™ online application suite is the most cutting-edge Internet application for aggregating federal spending data from authoritative government sources. Data is seamlessly integrated at the back-end, with the front-end powered by an easy-to-use intuitive online application. It is the largest library of real-time federal spending data on the Internet today.

It is a product that provides rare insights into actionable federal business intelligence on various aspects of the federal market to help accelerate quality decision-making.
The product is designed to relieve the burden faced by industry and government from manually intensive tasks of piecing together spending data from FPDS-NG, USA Spending.Gov, SAM, DSBS, in total 16 data sources that together free up organizations from making any further investments in costly custom software and maintenance...

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BDI SYS and Ajay Bharatula


The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) is a not-for-profit Indian consortium created to promote the development of the country's IT (information technology).
NASSCOM has partnered with Frost & Sullivan, to build a Product Excellence Matrix that will help to enhance visibility for Indian software products across defined categories. 
The programme provides:

 Platform for the software product firms to gain visibility with the end user segment.
 Insight into the competitive scenario in relative positioning in the target market segment.
Out of 60 nominations relevant to analytics category, 50% of the analytics products focus on niche analytics solution areas including vertical specific/OEM bundled analytics. 31% of the products representation in BI category & 19% in marketing analytics.
Nasscom has evaluated & placed BDI product in leader's quadrant...

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BigData Saas for Retail
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Ajay Bharatula and Serendio

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The biggest and most successful retailers today, guys like Amazon, eBay and Apple have long been increasing response rates to their offers and driving profitability by using Big Data and predictive analytics to make relevant, personalized, and precisely timed offers to their customers. Until recently, only the big guys could afford the vast investment in technological and human resources required to store, manage and analyze the massive amounts of customer data that enables them to treat every customer as an individual based on insights into their preferences and future behavior.
         “By 2014, 30% of analytic applications will use proactive, predictive and forecasting capabilities.”   Gartner Forecast
However, a few nibble start-ups are now leveraging the latest advances in public and private cloud computing - and a few brilliant Data Scientists with retail domain expertise – by offering “Big Data...

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