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Identity theft BigData
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InfoArmor and SQLstream Team Up to Deliver the Next Generation of Continuous Identity  Monitoring Services at Massive Scale 

– SQLstream, Inc., the Streaming Big Data Company, today announced that InfoArmor, a U.S. leader in identity theft monitoring and internet surveillance, selected SQLstream as the real-time engine for the next generation of its identity monitoring and surveillance platform. SQLstream’s s-Streaming products enable InfoArmor to meet the rapid growth in demand for its real-time identity monitoring services. SQLstream was chosen for its capacity to capture, process and integrate in real-time high volumes of unstructured data coming from a large variety of sources, its massive scalability for high velocity real-time operational intelligence, and its simple, fast deployment.

Identity theft in the U.S. alone claimed 12.6 million victims in 2012, a rise of over 1 million...

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