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BigData Appliance for Healthcare
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YarcData, a Cray   company committed to providing a big data solutions for real-time data discovery, announced a collaborative effort with Selventa, a leading provider of systems diagnostics for personalized medicine. Selventa will have access to YarcData's big data analytics appliance, Urika(R), to help pharmaceutical organizations better target drugs, condense the time needed for new drug discoveries and accelerate market delivery.

"With 50 percent of drugs ineffective or worse, there is an immediate opportunity to better match treatments to individuals based on their biomarker profiles. Using this insight, pharmaceutical companies can create a larger number of targeted products that optimally benefit patients," said Dave de Graaf, President and CEO, Selventa.

"Big data and the intellectual properties derived from it have an...

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Government Data and SaaS BI
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FEDMINE simplifies big data related to federal spending in real-time.
The FEDMINE.US™ online application suite is the most cutting-edge Internet application for aggregating federal spending data from authoritative government sources. Data is seamlessly integrated at the back-end, with the front-end powered by an easy-to-use intuitive online application. It is the largest library of real-time federal spending data on the Internet today.

It is a product that provides rare insights into actionable federal business intelligence on various aspects of the federal market to help accelerate quality decision-making.
The product is designed to relieve the burden faced by industry and government from manually intensive tasks of piecing together spending data from FPDS-NG, USA Spending.Gov, SAM, DSBS, in total 16 data sources that together free up organizations from making any further investments in costly custom software and maintenance...

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Telco Realtime fraud detection
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SQL Stream


Veracity and SQLstream team up to deliver actionable Operational Intelligence for real-time call rating, performance management and fraud detection from streaming CDR and IPDR data

 – SQLstream, Inc., the Streaming Big Data Company, today announced that Veracity Networks, and-winning internet and telecommunications provider, selected SQLstream’s product suite as the streaming platform for its next generation of real-time operational management systems.  SQLstream enables Veracity Networks to address the demands of its expanding customer base and to deliver near-zero latency solutions for real-time call rating, service quality and performance monitoring and fraud detection from streaming CDR and IPDR record streams.

“We are excited to partner with SQLstream and look forward to the many benefits it will provide our company and our customers,” said Chris Modesitt, CTO of Veracity Networks. “SQLstream will allow Veracity to...

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Overview :Pose is a desktop and mobile application where thousands of the world’s top fashion and beauty trendsetters share their outfits everyday. On Pose, users can follow the people with style they like, shop their outfits, and create personal collections of the looks they love. 
Challenge: Because Pose has developed applications across multiple platforms (desktop, iOS, Android), the executive team wanted to learn how these apps perform on each platform. The team also wanted more visibility into their users’ behavioral differences on the different platforms. Specifically, Pose wanted to take a closer look at the retention rates of each user segment. For example, did tablet users stay in the app longer than smartphone users? Are there differences in user retention across iOS and Android smartphones? This would guide the development team in designing content specific for the context of each device.

Solution :Using kSuite Multiscreen to analyze user...

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