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Saas and Machine Learning
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Algorithms.io Inc. develops cloud-based software that helps midsize companies and app developers create new products and services without data science teams or expensive infrastructure. It provides machine learning software like that employed by companies including Netflix Inc. and Read more

Ajay Bharatula

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I have had the unique privilege of advisory role in Big Data technologies when they were called just a  Hype. I remember in 2011 when one of the leading CIO of a large Energy Utility company approached me for a pilot in Big Data product.

It turns out at that time he knew more about Big Data technologies then any executive I have met till now.

Usually it is always a executive education session whenever a new technology is in infancy ,be in Cloud computing in 2008, Enterprise Mobility in 2010-11 and Big Data now. As it turns out the CIO in case already had been sold ‘prototype’ licenses of big data technologies, he was convinced that if put to use in a right environment it can solve some of his massive data challenges.

He wanted me to help him identify the right use case, put together a technical team and help build a prototype to sell to his customer a.k.a Business.  I was able to meet all his objectives and...

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BigDataVendors and GCS




Montana Governor’s Office of Economic Development needed an easy-to-use, information rich tool to provide business site information on the web. Community-focused economic development organizations needed a useful tool to induce prospectors and entrepreneurs to locate and expand in Montana. They wanted to offer valuable information not only on the economic factors in Montana, but real available commercial properties.


Montana Site Selector is a map-based web application for finding available commercial properties, for sale or lease, combined with analysis and reporting tools on economic factors around a location. Users can find commercial sites for retail, office, industrial, and other types, search by features like square footage and price, or location like Montana city, county, or map point. Map includes layers...

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Speech Analytics and BigData
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Voci™ Technologies Inc.  announced that it has been selected by the Office of Naval Research to begin the research and development for an advanced speaker identification (SID) system. The US and other governments look for clues in conversations as they attempt to thwart acts of fraud or terrorism, and the massive amount of unlabeled speech presents a significant challenge to this effort. Traditional enrollment-based SID systems require speaker registration, severely limiting their application for fraud and crime detection applications. Voci’s approach will help overcome the challenge of associating speech with individuals who may want to avoid being identified. The Voci work is funded under Phase I of a multiphase Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award.

“Voci is honored to have been chosen by the Office of Naval Research to address the need for automatic and rapid discovery of individuals who might pose threats to...

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