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SAP HANA for Sustainability
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A new technology platform from SAP that allows organisations to analyse large quantities of data at breakneck speed is helping to improve the sustainability performance of several industries.

A key challenge for IT is the big data problem – the difficulty businesses have in keeping up with the ever-increasing speed, volume and variety of data they need to process. In response SAP developed SAP High Speed Analytics for Sustainability (HANA), which processes massive quantities of real time data by using In-Memory computing.

The company is using the technology to improve sustainability performance in a range of settings.

SAP Smart Meter Analytics will be used by a leading UK utility company to collect and analyse a huge increase in readings – from 75m meter readings a year to 120bn – that...

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Ajay Bharatula

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A custom development approach to solve IT challenges has been a second nature to many companies, a legacy that continues even today. This approach was necessary as for two reasons

1 : A company had a set business process which was successful and that could not change

2: A company could not find a off the shelf product that would meet its business process without disruptions.

Over the years this lead to custom development to suite the business and the web of code only got more complex thus more expensive. Now this true with every technology that comes along be it ERP, Web development, Mobility.

Clients have realized this expensive never ending process of custom development and have decided that only way to avoid this trap was to purchase a product that it is built for a specific purpose or let the business pay for it.

Big Data is no different, companies are convinced that it will solve the problem but they want to ‘test drive the Ferrari’...

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The mission of Amadeus is to be the leading provider of IT solutions that enable success in the travel and tourism industry. The company is a Global Distribution System (GDS), meaning they take travel and tourism data from airlines, car companies, hotel chains, cruise lines, etc., and distribute it to travel agencies, corporations, travel websites, airports, and other distributors. As the world's leading GDS, Amadeus must manage a huge workload daily, with absolutely no room for service outages, supporting:

  • 3.7 million bookings per day
  • 1.6 billion transactions per day
  • 45 billion database accesses per day
  • 13 pedabytes of storage
  • Response time of less than 0.5 seconds
  • Thousands of developers pushing new features (100+ changes per day)


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Transmetrics and BigDataVendors


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