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PalantirPalantir Disease Response equips public health organizations with the data integration and advanced analytics capabilities they require to identify sources of outbreaks and coordinate tactical responses to confirmed threats.

Public health organizations process enormous disease surveillance data and must extract signal from noise, detecting outbreaks earlier and accelerating responses to the source. They must accelerate the discovery of significant disease events and distribute notifications to all relevant partner organizations and authorities. Together, public health monitors and responders must plan large scale responses and administer resources (response personnel, reagent kits, vaccines, supplies and additional countermeasures). Significant technical obstacles exist, however:...

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Telco CDR IPDR Data Realtime
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SQL Stream

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Veracity and SQLstream team up to deliver actionable Operational Intelligence for real-time call rating, performance management and fraud detection from streaming CDR and IPDR data

 – SQLstream, Inc., the Streaming Big Data Company, today announced that Veracity Networks, and-winning internet and telecommunications provider, selected SQLstream’s product suite as the streaming platform for its next generation of real-time operational management systems.  SQLstream enables Veracity Networks to address the demands of its expanding customer base and to deliver near-zero latency solutions for real-time call rating, service quality and performance monitoring and fraud detection from streaming CDR and IPDR record streams.

“We are excited to partner with SQLstream and look forward to the many benefits it will provide our company and our customers,” said Chris Modesitt, CTO of Veracity Networks. “SQLstream will allow Veracity to...

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Concord, MA – 20 November 2013 – Zettics, the leader in big data analytics for operators, today launched version 8.0 of its flagship solution. Zettics 8.0 offers significant new functionality for privacy-compliant data monetization and customer care, enabling operators to accelerate their plans to drive new revenue opportunities and deliver the best possible customer experience.

Zettics analytics solutions uniquely capture a full 360 degree view of subscriber data usage across all protocols....

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In 2000, a travel professional realized that there was a huge niche market for travel: luxury hotel bookings, focusing strictly on four- and five-star properties. Magellan Vacations was born.  The company caters to discerning travelers looking for personalized recommendations about the location, view, and overall comfort of each hotel room.

Instead of booking a room online, Magellan Vacations customers converse with carefully-trained booking agents. These agents have stayed in the luxurious hotels they book for clients in core destinations like Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City, among others.  Magellan Vacations agents work hard to deliver a luxury hotel experience that begins with the phone call.  The company employs over 75 people, including booking agents, a marketing department, and IT staff.


Because Magellan Vacations clients speak to agents by phone, the company needs to track typical sales metrics, like closing...

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